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Welcome to Smiley's therapy session. In this episode of the Sports is to Life Podcast, the co-hosts take on workplace dynamics and the multi-generational workforce, discussing the conclusion of the Jalen Ramsey saga and his time with Smiley's favorite team the Jacksonville Jaguars.
First, the hosts talk about the drama surrounding Smiley's favorite MLB team, the Atlanta Braves and their early exit from the postseason by the St. Louis Cardinals - specifically how the War Chant and Tomahawk Chop played a part in their exit. This conversation is filled with Courtney's commentary on the Washington Nationals playing in the Game 1 of the World Series while they were taping.
The episode also touches on the now reviewable pass interference calls in the NFL that's not working out great for the coaches and is really just another overreaction rule change.  Also, one high school football team's story sliding a suspended player into the lineup by just changing his number (do better folks!) led to atrocious consequences. Plus, the start of the NBA season with storylines galore and an injury to the league's newest star. Finally, Florida State's Athletic Director's colorful response to the rumors of a certain former UF coach coming to Tally.
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