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Going back in time... to the Kobe memorial ceremony. Smiley and Courtney discuss the impact of the ceremony from a women's sport perspective, along with strength shown by Vanessa Bryant, and the lasting effects of Kobe’s legacy. Also, everyone's opinion that Michael Jordan’s remarks were his greatest speech ever, while he gave us permission for a new MJ crying face meme. 
Next is a chat about the boxing heavyweight championship fight where Deontay Wilder wore a 40 pound costume that he claims left him with ‘dead legs’ in the 7th round in his loss to Tyson Fury. 
Most of this episode, Smiley gets to vent his frustrations about how the Jacksonville Jaguars are run. Players are leaving left and right. The owner is making back to back London games a certainty, and Jags fans are livid. This leads into a discussion about the labor peace in the NFL, The hosts dissect the proposed collective bargaining agreement, that has since been passed by the players, who had the upper hand in negotiations. The critiques will still be valid but the deal is done until 2030. Yay for 17-game regular seasons, we guess. How long before 18?
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