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For the first time, the Sports Is To Life Podcast went LIVE on Instagram!!

Courtney and Smiley were able to find a way to survive the 2008 recession when it came to sports jobs. However, the COVID-19 virus has forever changed the job landscape. Sports ended almost a month ago. We discuss the ripple effect that the coronavirus has had on the sports industry, from the hourly and freelance employees that are the backbone of most sport organization operations, all the way to the athletes who will only receive another check or two for their skills.

Special events such as the Final Four, Wimbledon, and British Open are all cancelled for this year while the Masters and the French Open are postponed till later in the year. The work that everyone has put into the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will have to wait until 2021!

The hosts also discuss the booming esports industry now that everyone is quarantined at home, from NASCAR's e-Racing to the NBA2K Player's Tournament. Also, WrestleMania still went on with no fans despite the wrestler's blood, sweat, and tears all around the Performance Center in Orlando. 

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