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It’s Super Bowl weekend and the co-hosts are back with a new episode of the Sports is to Life Podcast. This episode begins with Smiley conquering one of his greatest fears, and Courtney trying her best not to laugh at him and be encouraging. Then the hosts tackle the NBA and fans behaving badly, a topic that should not be a thing during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. At what point do fans realize that they should just be grateful to be outside their houses and at a game? Do better ‘Courtside Karen’.
Smiley and Courtney tackle Super Bowl all the storylines around the big game, on and off the field. With a Chiefs win, does that mean that Tom Brady is officially passing the torch to Patrick Mahomes? Or has it already happened? They also dive into the gender and racial diversity. Sarah Thomas will be the first woman to officiate a Super Bowl. Lori Locust, Maral Javadifar, Byron Leftwich, Todd Bowles, Eric Bienemy all on the sidelines. We give our predictions at the end with Courtney's faith in her favorite team hinges on Bruce Arians' hiring decisions.
Finally, Courtney shares a few memories from her time with the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee a decade ago. Smiley talks about his amateur golf tournament debut and gives a shoutout to the EST of WWE Bianca Belair after her Royal Rumble victory last Sunday.
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