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So many things have changed since Courtney and Smiley taped this latest podcast episode! 

The hosts took FSU fans to task about giving Willie Taggart some patience after an FSU booster had his four-year-old son sell lemonade to donate to Willie's buyout. Since taping, that booster donated that money to the booster program after FSU Twitter flamed him and apparently became patient!

Courtney and Smiley also tackled NFL topics, no pun intended. This included Antonio Brown, who, since taping, has been signed and released by the Patriots, and is now getting his degree at Central Michigan, and maybe trying to play again. It also included Jalen Ramsey, who at the time of taping, felt disrespected and wanted a trade. Since then, he's had the flu, a back injury, and is expecting a new baby. Jalen was despised by Jags Twitter at the beginning. Now it seems like a change of heart. 

Other topics included California's Pay for Play Act, including Tim Tebow's wack argument, LeBron and Ohio State's failed trademarks, and Lavar Ball being real with his son Lonzo, and vice versa.

Enjoy our latest episode and everything that happened before and after!!

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