Feb 16, 2020

Sports:Life::XFL Version 2:Offseason Success

This week, Smiley and Courtney start off with a recap of Super Bowl 54. The "Year of the Black QB" is official with Patrick Mahomes RAISING the MVP trophy for the victorious Chiefs. Also, they chat about the halftime show and the outrage police who got mad about stripper poles, even though THE SAME PEOPLE created a workout class series about pole dancing. 
This show is dedicated to the XFL, which is back and supposedly better than ever. The hosts discuss the new and improved league and whether it has a chance to survive. This sparks another discussion as to whether people actually want more football or if it’s just a default setting and whether missing football makes the heart grow fonder.
This show notes are coming to you LIVE from the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort. 

Jan 30, 2020

Sports:Life::Kobe:Mamba Forever

Umm... you alright? Text from Smiley to Courtney on Sunday afternoon.
This is the show we never actually expected to do. We never expected to have to say goodbye to one of the greats in our generation... unless we keep doing this show for 10+ years. But, on Sunday morning that changed. Kobe Bryant, along with eight others, including his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, were all killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA.
In this show, the hosts speak off the cuff. There was no outline. They just talked about what the Black Mamba meant to them - the legend, the legacy and the (family) man.
#RIPBlackMamba #RIPMambacita

Jan 20, 2020

Sports:Life::2019 LSU:Money

In the first official show of 2020, the hosts check in during a pretty busy day in the world of sports news. They kick off the show with latest in the Houston Astros cheating scandal, at the time of taping Major League Baseball has issued their report naming the now former GM and Manager of the Astros, the manager of the Red Sox and the manager of the Mets by name. With the 2017 and 2018 World Series Champions called into question, two things were clear... the Los Angeles Dodgers are the biggest loser and the Washington Nationals saved baseball.
Next up, the WNBA announced a new collective bargaining agreement that pushes the bar forward in women’s sports and takes care of the players. This deal proves that leagues can work with their unions to reach deals that reflect the partnership between the league and its players. 
Finally, the hosts recap the College Football Championship, how the game went on the field, the storylines surrounding it, including Odell Beckham Jr. and his costly stunt on the field after the game and what’s next for LSU and Clemson. 
Oh and as mentioned in the show here’s the clip on targeting, in which FSU LB Nigel Bradham was ejected for a hit to the chest while standing flat-footed on the ground. FSU fans may still get heated over this play. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGYwJaqIzLU)
Don’t forget to stay until the end, where the hosts chat about all the last minute events that they didn’t have time to mention in the show. 

Jan 3, 2020

Sports:Life::2020s:Changing of The Guard

Is this the first episode of 2020 (available to all of you) or the final episode of 2019 (taped)? 
Welcome to the Sports is to Life Podcast, new decade, new and improved co-hosts, or a least a couple of friends who are trying to make their 2019 podcast resolutions come true in 2020.
In this episode, Smiley and Courtney recap the College Football Playoff and whether Oklahoma should be allowed back in the next decade. Also, the hosts check in with their favorite turnover prone former FSU quarterback Jameis Winston as he makes NFL History, guaranteeing him a 30 for 30, but not the highly acclaimed documentary series.
New in 2020, the hosts admit they got it wrong about the the NBA's Christmas Day lineup. 
Finally... the hosts concede that the next decade will bring new sports icons and new athletes will be the face of every sport: the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA TOUR, WTA, name them all. Who knows who they will be in 2029?!? 

Dec 18, 2019

Sports:Life::2010s:A Look Back

First up in this episode of the Sports is to Life Podcast, FSU has a new head coach. Mike Norvell was officially announced hours before taping this episode. Since then, defensive and offensive coordinators have been hired, the recruiting class has turned over and current players have declared for the NFL or entered the transfer portal. Smiley and Courtney chat about the hire and whether the school achieved their stated goals in the coaching search. 
Also, this is the first year that Alabama is not in the College Football Playoff. The hosts discuss the teams that made it and their transfer quarterbacks, who are not playing for the team they did in 2018. 
In general, this episode is really about the hosts reminiscing over the last decade, their favorite sports moments with their favorite teams on the field, and their own personal experiences manifested in the sports banner. Obviously, the Noles and Tiger Woods make the cut! As we enter the 2020s, this was a good chance for Smiley and Courtney to chat about how sports have affected their lives during the past ten years.  

Nov 27, 2019


Welcome to another episode of Smiley and Courtney discussing all the the things, well all the people behaving badly. 

BUT FIRST, with the National Basketball Association back in action, the hosts kick off the episode with a lightning round of the winners and losers of the opening month of the season, from the Lakers hanging out at the top of the standings to the Warriors quest for the number one pick in the 2020 draft. The NBA looks nothing like last year. 
NEXT, the hosts move on from the good to the bad... from the horrible injury to Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa injury to the latest drama with the Houston Astros forgetting that stealing signs is still cheating. 
And, on to the even worse... all the things in the NFL. From the infamous Thursday Night Brawl featuring Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph, which included accusations of racial slurs, and punishments from which questions still remain. Oh, and the NFL hosted a tryout in Atlanta for Colin Kaepernick... Well, they were supposed to, at least. 
Finally, the absolute worst... Florida State still doesn’t have a head football coach and this entire thing is starting to look like a case study on how not to run an athletic department. 

Nov 8, 2019

Sports:Life::Coaching FSU Football:Cutthroat

Smiley's time on the Sports is to Life Podcast couch continues this week AND BREAKING NEWS, Courtney joins him as they lament the internal strife and struggle that seems to follow Florida State Football like a bad habit. 
FIRST, the only bit of good news for Smiley as he talks about Tiger earning PGA TOUR victory #82 at the first PGA event ever in Japan, tying Sam Snead for the most TOUR victories of all time. 
The NBA season started and one prediction made on a previous show has already come true with the team in Houston, plus the Lakers are winning and the Warriors aren't.
NOW, on to the therapy... Florida State fired head coach Willie Taggart this week, after 21 games,.. Yep, 21 games. Yep, that $17 MILLION buyout... paid. The hosts discuss where they found the money (that they claimed they didn't have), what they could've done with the money to ENHANCE THE PROGRAM and give ANY coach a fighting chance to get the ship righted. They also discuss all the firings and dismissals of high profile CEOs in the last week.
FINALLY, Courtney piled on to Smiley's already bad day as she documented her family's experience at the Washington Nationals World Series Championship Parade!

Oct 24, 2019

Sports:Life::Jalen Ramsey:Multigenerational Workplace

Welcome to Smiley's therapy session. In this episode of the Sports is to Life Podcast, the co-hosts take on workplace dynamics and the multi-generational workforce, discussing the conclusion of the Jalen Ramsey saga and his time with Smiley's favorite team the Jacksonville Jaguars.
First, the hosts talk about the drama surrounding Smiley's favorite MLB team, the Atlanta Braves and their early exit from the postseason by the St. Louis Cardinals - specifically how the War Chant and Tomahawk Chop played a part in their exit. This conversation is filled with Courtney's commentary on the Washington Nationals playing in the Game 1 of the World Series while they were taping.
The episode also touches on the now reviewable pass interference calls in the NFL that's not working out great for the coaches and is really just another overreaction rule change.  Also, one high school football team's story sliding a suspended player into the lineup by just changing his number (do better folks!) led to atrocious consequences. Plus, the start of the NBA season with storylines galore and an injury to the league's newest star. Finally, Florida State's Athletic Director's colorful response to the rumors of a certain former UF coach coming to Tally.

Oct 13, 2019

Sports:Life::Scandal:From Dark To Light

In this episode of the Sports is to Life Podcast, ‘What’s done in the dark always comes to the light’. In honor of Tyler Perry opening the largest movie studio, the hosts are discussing shenanigans in the WNBA, NBA and the Washington Professional Football Team.
But first, updates on the ongoing Jalen Ramsey saga, and Mason Rudolph‘s concussion on the field and the response that followed.
Then, we chat about the latest former head coach of the Washington Professional Football Team, Jay Gruden, and their experience with him back in his Orlando Predator Arena Football days. Plus, the WNBA's Los Angeles Sparks changing general managers for the first time in 20 years because of some locker room drama. And of course, the tweet heard across the Pacific... the cautionary tale of maybe... don’t press send. 
Finally, the Washington Mystics are WNBA Champions and while the Atlanta Braves aren’t in the playoffs anymore, the Nationals have moved on to the NLCS! In the words (tweet!) of one former President, ‘If folks aren’t careful, this title thing might become a habit in DC’.

Sep 26, 2019

Sports:Life::Willie Taggart:Patience

So many things have changed since Courtney and Smiley taped this latest podcast episode! 

The hosts took FSU fans to task about giving Willie Taggart some patience after an FSU booster had his four-year-old son sell lemonade to donate to Willie's buyout. Since taping, that booster donated that money to the booster program after FSU Twitter flamed him and apparently became patient!

Courtney and Smiley also tackled NFL topics, no pun intended. This included Antonio Brown, who, since taping, has been signed and released by the Patriots, and is now getting his degree at Central Michigan, and maybe trying to play again. It also included Jalen Ramsey, who at the time of taping, felt disrespected and wanted a trade. Since then, he's had the flu, a back injury, and is expecting a new baby. Jalen was despised by Jags Twitter at the beginning. Now it seems like a change of heart. 

Other topics included California's Pay for Play Act, including Tim Tebow's wack argument, LeBron and Ohio State's failed trademarks, and Lavar Ball being real with his son Lonzo, and vice versa.

Enjoy our latest episode and everything that happened before and after!!

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