Sep 7, 2019

Sports:Life::Andrew Luck:Expiration Date

Welp, while the rest of the sports world is reeling from the sudden release of Antonio Brown from the Oakland Raiders (and now signing by the New England Patriots!), the hosts go back in time and chat about FSU’s disappointing opening weekend, Hurricane Dorian forcing the game to Tally and well... hydration. 
Then the hosts discuss Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement from the NFL and Colts’ fan’s reactions... hint, it was more of fans behaving badly. Also, what are the proper expectations for millionaire athletes? Courtney shares a memory from her childhood that reveals the thinking of many football fans. A conversation that is even more relevant with the drama in Oakland. 
Also, the hosts recap their experience at Podcast Movement and taping episode 35 together for the first time.
Oh... and Steph Curry, Howard golf and Tiger. 

Aug 22, 2019

Sports:Life::Podcast Movement:Live

For the first time in The Sports is to Life podcast history, Smiley and Courtney taped LIVE, together, in person, from Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando, Florida. 
In this abbreviated episode, the co-hosts do a lightning round about the latest sports topics. From the never ending drama in Oakland and Antonio Brown, to the Old Ball Coach Steve Spurrier taking on the personality of UCF and tryin’ to get a ring for an eight win season (that never finished).
Also, football is back so the co-hosts chat about Jay-Z, Stephen Ross and their favorite teams. Oh and of course FSU football is mentioned along with predictions - sorta kinda...

Aug 3, 2019

Sports:Life::Pain:Not Temporary

Are sports dangerous to athletes? This week the hosts chat about the recent deaths in the boxing ring. Where is the line? Is there a line? 
The hosts also talk about Major League parks adding more netting to the stands in light of recent injuries to spectators. Does netting from foul line to foul line hurt the viewing experience? Should it matter? 
Finally, in a bit of comic relief, the hosts lament about their own past sports injuries. It includes Courtney sharing how spinning flags with the Marching Chiefs Colorguard was more dangerous to her shoulders and back than she knew at that time!

Jul 24, 2019

Sports:Life::Passing The Torch:Transitions

Transitions. Change. Growing Up. Adulthood. This week, the hosts take on the timeless tradition of growing up and making transitions. BUT first, they celebrate the US Women's National Team bringing home the Women's World Cup championship! But then they lament Serena being in the Wimbledon final but ultimately losing - is father time catching up with her?
As the new NBA landscape begins to take shape, the co-hosts chat about all the changes coming to NBA and the transitions the teams and players are making in the off-season. Also, the co-host start to discuss the changing of the guard in NBA because the league landscape is littered with teams who have potential in part because of the young talent!
Smiley also discusses his next stage of adulthood, his engagement and being the last of his friends to tie the knot. Courtney just chimes in because she’s deep in the adulthood game. 

Jul 7, 2019

Sports:Life:2019 NBA Free Agency:The Shell Game

In this episode of the ‘disjointed’ Sports is to Life podcast, the hosts piece together the latest news from the Women’s World Cup, Coco Gauff’s stunning upset of Venus Williams in the first round of Wimbledon and NBA free agency. 
Of course since the episode was taped, well EVERYTHING changed. From the US Women’s National Team cruising to a 2-0 victory in the World Cup Final! Gauff - who is the daughter of an FSU Women’s Track and Field athlete, is heading to the 4th round of Wimbledon. And, the NBA landscape changing in ways that no one saw coming with MORE change is on the horizon. One thing that is certain... the owners of The Staples Center are very very happy! 
So, take a listen, because at the end of the episode Smiley reveals the sports fantasy that he achieved and Courtney’s reaction is worth waiting for! 

Jun 21, 2019

Sports:Life::2019 NBA Finals:Damaged Goods

This week, the co-hosts recap the happenings in the sports world since their NBA Finals preview episode a couple of weeks ago. They kick the episode off with a recap and discussion about the EPIC 13-0 win by the US Women's National Team against Thailand and the ridiculous backlash that came from people shouting about sportsmanship. Smiley rants about the EIGHT Scripps Spelling Bee winners and an NBA Finals edition of "Men Behaving Badly." 
During the SPORTS and LIFE segments, the hosts recap the biggest storylines from the NBA Finals - KD's Achilles, Klay's ACL, Kyle Lowry finally living up to his playoff potential, and Steph Curry being taken advantage of as a defensive liability. After that, they get to Courtney's favorite part of the show... THE LAKERS TRADE FOR ANTHONY DAVIS! and how all of these events will shape the course of this year's NBA free agency.
Finally, the hosts celebrate Mike Martin's final games as Florida State Baseball's Head Coach. After 40 plus years in Tallahassee, his teams sends him into retirement with his 17th College World Series appearance, along with an unlikely addition to the Twitterverse!

May 30, 2019

Sports:LIfe::LA Lakers:Leadership

Welcome to the NBA Finals week! The Warriors are making their fifth straight appearance (and their first against a team without LeBron on it) and the Toronto Raptors are making their FIRST appearance ever - representing the entire country of Canada. Smiley and Courtney share their Finals predication and chat about KD, Kawhi and their possible free agency decisions.

The co-hosts start with recapping Tiger's Masters hangover also known as that PGA Championship, where he missed the cut. Fortunately, before he curved a pre-round kiss from his girlfriend, FSU Alum Brooks Koepka took home the win! They also chat about the crazy ending of the Preakness also known as the little brother of the Kentucky Derby and the HBCU's attempt at creating at World Series of College Baseball for their member schools. 
Oh yes, and the host tackle the topic of dysfunctional workplace environments, piggy backing off the never ending drama of Courtney's favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Each host shares stories of leadership, good and bad. Courtney concludes that the Lakers need to figure their house out if they have any hope of regaining their prized position in the NBA. 

May 12, 2019

Sports:Life::Houston Rockets:Out Of Their Own Way

In this week’s episode, Smiley and Courtney take on the sports topics of the week. Starting with New York Football Giants’ general manager Dave Gettleman and the confusing choices he’s made since the beginning of 2019. The co-hosts chat about the controversial Kentucky Derby ending and Mike Vick still feeling the backlash of his past transgressions. 
Finally, Courtney and Smiley talk NBA playoff basketball. Can the Rockets get over themselves enough to finally make it past the Warriors (spoiler: they can’t). Also, trips to watch women’s professional tackle football and a weekend pickleball tournament are mentioned.

Apr 26, 2019

Sports:Life::2019 Masters:Officially Back

This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for, at least if Smiley’s happiness matters to you! All Tiger, ALL. THE. TIME. Smiley and Courtney recap where they were and their reactions to Tiger winning his 5th Masters and 15th major championship (Smiley was on his way to San Diego), coming back from multiple obstacles on and off the course with multiple back surgeries and other extramarital activities. 
Also, the hosts chat about the WNBA, their new TV deal, the Lakers coaching search and how little they know about the NFL Draft this year. 
In short, this is an episode dominated by Tiger: the good, the bad and the obsessive. 
Oh and follow us on Instagram @SportsIsToLife, we actually post now! 

Apr 16, 2019

Sports:Life::The End of March:A New Day

Breaking news while Smiley and Courtney are taping seems to be the new thing! While they were taping, Magic Johnson infamously quit his job on life TV without telling his boss first! This also happened while D-Wade and Dirk where taking their final bows as NBA players before heading to the Hall of Fame. The hosts discuss their send off! 
The Women’s Final Four without UCONN. What is the world coming to?! The hosts also chat about the projected number one in the WNBA heading back to Oregon and what that means for the WNBA.
Smiley recaps WrestleMania  and Courtney shares her experience from working the East Regionals of the Men’s NCAA tournament.
Finally, they congratulate Virginia on their first National Championship and lament the single Florida State sighting during this year’s ‘One Shining Moment’.
Oh, there is a Masters comment but stay tuned for the next episode where Smiley shares his Masters story because you know his #MCE won!!!

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