Sports are trying to find a way back as the world tries to open up. In this episode, the co-hosts discuss how the state's plan to reopen affect the world of sports - starting with FLORIDA. The UFC followed the WWE’s lead and held their first fight card in Smiley’s hometown - will this become a trend?
As the 1998 Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance (ie the Michael Jordan highlight reel) continues, Smiley and Courtney review episodes 7 & 8 and start to dive Into Michael Jordan’s leadership style. What is the true price of fame and greatness? What happens when you construct an image that you aren’t able to live up to? Especially when the public expects you to be a boy scout at every turn.
Finally, the hosts chat about the challenges the majors leagues are having on the business side of sports - payroll, gate receipts, revenues shortfalls etc. And, they close out the show announcing a new Instagram series, starting on Monday!! (check out
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