Welcome to another episode of Smiley and Courtney discussing all the the things, well all the people behaving badly. 

BUT FIRST, with the National Basketball Association back in action, the hosts kick off the episode with a lightning round of the winners and losers of the opening month of the season, from the Lakers hanging out at the top of the standings to the Warriors quest for the number one pick in the 2020 draft. The NBA looks nothing like last year. 
NEXT, the hosts move on from the good to the bad... from the horrible injury to Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa injury to the latest drama with the Houston Astros forgetting that stealing signs is still cheating. 
And, on to the even worse... all the things in the NFL. From the infamous Thursday Night Brawl featuring Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph, which included accusations of racial slurs, and punishments from which questions still remain. Oh, and the NFL hosted a tryout in Atlanta for Colin Kaepernick... Well, they were supposed to, at least. 
Finally, the absolute worst... Florida State still doesn’t have a head football coach and this entire thing is starting to look like a case study on how not to run an athletic department. 
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